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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

About Us | Black Tie Weddings & Events | St. Louis Wedding Vendor

Hi!!! Welcome . :).

I'm Christina. The owner and lead photographer here at Black Tie Weddings and Events. I have been a full time St. Louis Wedding Photographer for the better part of a decade.

I am a hopeless romantic (thank you Disney and Nicholas Sparks for that). I believe in fairytales, true love, fate, and happily ever after. I am thoroughly addicted to coffee, wine, and romantic comedies.

I am usually in some phase of growing my hair out, before I cave and cut it again. I like to spend my downtime with my family, or in my gardens. My absolute favorite place is NYC. I also love spending time in St. Louis as well.

We live about an hour south of St. Louis but the majority of the weddings we service are in the St. Louis area. I have been a photographer at heart since I was 8 years old, but I officially began my career as a paid photographer in 2015.

The DJ for my company is my husband, Patrick.

Patrick is very much one of the guys. He loves sports, the outdoors, and his friends and family. He has had a love for music and entertaining since he was young. This is an old photo of him. His least favorite place to be is in front of a camera.

We have 3 fantastic kiddos. They are 26, 23, and 18.

This is our youngest, Emmy. She usually is the one running the photo booth. She’s fierce and independent with a kind heart and wise soul. She lives to serve others and bring them joy. She’s alot like me. Don’t tell her how much she looks like me though, she hates that.

At the beginning of 2020, we were blessed with our first grandchild. She is the absolute light of our lives. She’s funny, and smart, and sassy. We are currently very impatiently awaiting the birth of our second grandchild and the first boy in our family in 23 years.

Our family tree wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our dogs. Envy, Oakley, and Siri. Envy is a French Bulldog and is the clingy, codependent one. Oakley is an English Bulldog and the smart and obedient one (he is an actor and model, you will find him on TV and multiple products in stores and online. ). Siri (also a French Bulldog) is the sweet and quite one.

That's us and our family . :). Our business is very much family owned and ran. Our second photographers and videographers are fellow professional photographers who are close friends who are more like family to us. Thank you for visiting and for the honor of being considered to be a part your special day.

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