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Dylan & Katie | Cape Girardeau Engagement Session | Missouri

When Katie reached out to schedule their engagement session, she said she wanted to recreate their first date!! I was super excited to be able to recreate something so special with them.

This little cafe was where they met for coffee for the first time.

Unfortunately when we arrived it was closed, so we took some photos outside.

After having coffee, Katie and Dylan walked the Main St area before ending up sitting on the riverfront talking .

Dylan got such a severe sunburn on their first date that he had to miss work the next day. On their second date, he had an allergic reaction to Katie's horse. Despite having such bad luck on the first couple of dates, Dylan was smitten enough to continue asking Katie out.

We asked them both:

When did you know he/she was the one?

Dylan - " Some co workers were asking for dating advice, and as I told them what it felt like to have all our expectations surpassed, I knew right then and there."

Katie - " We were sitting in a field and just goofing around and started making up a "secret handshake" and it just clicked. "

We asked : Tell us all about your proposal. We want all the details. :)

Katie said: : "I was out getting groceries and asked him to come out to the car to help me unload them. He said no and I wasn't happy about it, but quickly realized why. When I got into the apartment, he had items from all of our significant dates laid out in a trail back to his office. I walked around the corner and he was waiting there wearing a suit."

Obviously Katie said yes!!! Look at how sweet they are together!!!

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