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Engagement Session - What to expect.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hi friends! You probably saw the post about what to wear to your engagement session already... (if not, click here)...but I'm sure you still have questions. After all, planning for such an important session takes time, thought and effort. It also takes cooperation. 

Today, I'm answering some frequently asked questions and I'll be sneaking in a few tips along the way. I'd love to hear your own tips, advice or suggestions if you've already had your engagement session. What made it awesome? What could have been better. What do you WISH you had known?


Where should we go? What type of location should we chose? 

I hear this one the most often. We will choose your session location together based on the aesthetic you want or something that is meaningful to you.   I also have a blog post with some of my favorite locations, You can find that here: Engagement Session Locations

{Take a look at Brooke and Ryan here. We chose this location together because neutral background and greenery lend to the light and airy look that Brooke loves.}

Question Number 2.

How long does the session last? 

In all honesty, every session is different and I like to feed off the vibe of my couple. If they are having a blast and enjoying being in front of the camera, we can easily shoot for a full two hours. Besides, I encourage an outfit change, and that takes time. But sometimes a couple is a bit camera shy and doesn't desire as much attention. I can tell...and will often let the session come to a close after an hour or so. There is no real set time. 

Engagement sessions almost always last an hour, and truth be told, that's all the time we need to get you a full gallery of beautiful images. But if we want to switch locations, change outfits or just want a larger variety, we can shoot for up to two hours. So if you're planning your evening around your session, I'd allot for two hours.

Question Number 3.

Should we bring any props?

This is TOTALLY your call! I am all about incorporating things into your session. Bring even more than you think we might use if you want.

What type of items should we bring?

Again, totally up to you, but here's a list of some things I've seen and LOVE:

Ampersand (&) Sign or a Sign with your Initials, Chalkboard with your date, Champagne and glasses, or something special to your relationship.

Question Number 4.

My significant other isn't really into it. I don't know if we'll be able to get their true personality to show. What do you suggest?

Leave that completely up to me!! I do recommend prepping in, "babe, we are getting engagement photos done on Friday...make sure you're ready" but don't worry so much if they aren't the PDA type or don't like to smile at cameras or are shy in general. My job is to bring the YOU out of you. And that goes for both of you. 

We'll do little things to get you moving and interacting. I give you prompts...silly things to say and do with each other. I promise that those smiles you see are all real. We'll spend a lot of time letting you just love on one another, as romance photographs so well! Don't be surprised if you are asked to do something crazy and completely out of your norm. Just go with it. Some of my client's favorite photos have been the ones where they really wanted to second guess my directions, but didn't.

Question Number 5.

When will I receive my images? And how? How many will I get?

My clients can expect to receive their final gallery of images two-three weeks from the date of their session. I love engagement sessions though. I get pumped about them. I've even been known to have galleries delivered within a week during the slow season. You can rest easy knowing that you will definitely receive your full gallery within three weeks though. So if you need to order products for wedding day, just be sure to schedule your engagement session one month (or more) prior to your wedding day.

All my couples receive their engagement photos through a digital, online gallery. This shareable gallery allows them to download their high-resolution photos and share any that they'd like on major social media platforms. Not only that, but it comes with two MAJOR perks.


. Access to my professional printing lab. Anything from a 4x6 on up to something to cover your walls can be ordered directly from your gallery. These prints are of the most amazing quality...nothing like you can find at Walmart or Costco. The public doesn't have access to this lab, so I highly recommend it for anything you plan on putting on display.

2. Cloud storage. That's right. Your gallery is hosted for 10 years. So no matter what happens to your photos in that time frame, you can rest easy knowing all you have to do is log back into your online gallery and download them again on a new device. No more losing photos!!

Every couple is different and so is their engagement session, so the number of images you can expect will vary. However, I strive to deliver a full gallery of different scenes, poses, activities, and emotions for you to choose from. Your engagement session includes 10 edited high-resolution images. The remaining images are available for purchase through your online gallery.

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