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Jordan & Rachel | Lafayette Park Engagement Session | St. Louis, Missouri

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Rachel and Jordan were so much fun during their engagement session!!! The love they have for one another is so clear in the way they interact with one another!!

Rachel and Jordan met playing select soccer in high school, but that would not really be the start of their story.

During the Covid lockdown in March of 2020, people found many ways to pass the time. Some people were baking, gardening or working on home improvement projects. Rachel and Jordan decided to give Tinder a try. They matched right away.

Jordan went to Rachel's house to hang out and they were both smitten right away. Rachel made sure she got a goodnight kiss, and Jordan left his cooler as an excuse to return.

They both agreed they knew right away that this was something special and one of a kind. They were soon hanging out all the time.

Lafayette Park Engagement Session

When I asked Rachel to tell me how Jordan proposed, this was her answer:

"Jordan had it all planned out on vacation with my parents to Gatlinburg . Two days into the trip he let me pick our hiking spot so I was really unaware that he would do this because I planned our hike. We walked 2.5 miles up to Alum Cave. The whole time he was being very weird and not his talkative self, he was either walking way in front of me or way behind me which had me confused. Again clueless of what was about to happen. We get to the top I offer to take a random couples photo and they offer back, I say yes and say Jordan let’s go take this pic. He looked at me sweating bullets and said hastily can you give me a minute to catch my breath. When in reality he was trying to gather himself to propose to me. So we wait I have a snack and water and he is again behind me messing with something (the ring). Five minutes later he says alright I’m good let’s take a picture. I go to hand my phone to the lady, pause, turn to Jordan and say actually your phone takes better pictures let’s use yours totally unaware that it made his plans workout that much better. He turns his phone on recording asks the lady to pretend to take the photo and keep recording. Which she did, I start to go grab the photo and he looks at me shaking and says “I love you so much” and I go “huh” he drops to his knee and says “will you be the yee to my yee and marry me?” I instantly hyperventilate and just keep saying “ya” “omg” and proceed to give him the wrong hand lol I eventually got it right after he told me. There was a crowd in the back and you can just hear them yelling and cheering for us. It was the most spectacular moment of my life thus far. "

Lafayette Park Engagement Session

St. Louis Engagement Session

Lafayette Park Engagement Session

Lafayette Park Engagement Session

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

As you can see, they are absolutely perfect together. :)

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