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Zach & Jenny | Sunflower Hill Farm Engagement Session | Augusta, Missouri

Zach and Jenny's love story is one of my favorites!! They met in high school and Zach had a crush on Jenny for 2 years before she finally gave in and agreed to go out with him their Junior year. .

Augusta Engagement Session

They often like to try new things to eat and go on day trips. Zach loves his comfort zone and always says he would never do all the fun things they do together if it weren’t for Jenny, he never would have never tried sushi that’s for sure! Which he loves now! Most of their down time is spent at home with their two dog children who they love. Zach likes to grill , while Jenny enjoys a bonfire. Zach is a policeman and Jenny a nurse. They share a lot of common experiences in their jobs and like having someone who understands the sacrifices you have to make.

Sunflower Hill Farm Engagement Session

Zach says it was love at first sight for him. Jenny says: "We spent some time apart after high school and reconnected about a year later, that’s when i knew he was the one. "

Augusta Wedding Photographer

Sunflower Hill Farm Engagement Session

Jenny also says: "We have known each other for 10 years now and we have been together for almost 8! I cannot imagine my life without him or anyone more perfect raise my dog babies (one one day real babies!) with."

We asked Jenny: Was the proposal a surprise or did you know/have a feeling it was coming?

Zach took me to look at rings back in May. I pestered him about getting engaged constantly afterwards! He is quite the procrastinator and i thought he was putting it off. He proposed my birthday weekend in August which was a complete surprise! Turns out he bought the ring the day after he took me to look and was just waiting for the right moment (i guess i don’t give him enough credit lol). I was out of town the weekend before with some friends and he had gone to my parents house to ask their permission and show them the ring. Pretty much everyone knew but me.

Zach took Jenny to Hermann MO for her birthday weekend and when they arrived to the bed and breakfast, before heading to the winery, he wanted to give Jenny her birthday present. He went to the car and brought back two gift bags, they obviously had wine bottles inside. When she pulled out the first bottle it said “will you marry me?” on it and Zach got on his knee! Jenny cried and said yes and opened the other gift bag which contained a wine bottle that said “I said yes!” on it.

Zach and Jenny are the sweetest couple and we are so lucky to get to be a part of their special day !!!

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